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2020-2021 Basketball Cheer



Coach Breonna Williams




Game Date Team At Northside Middle Time
12/7/20 open    
12/10/20 open    
12/14/20 Pine Ridge cancelled  
12/17/20 Pine Ridge cancelled  
01/06/21 Chapin Cancelled 530pm
01/07/21 Fulmer Cancelled 530pm
01/11/21 Fulmer Cancelled** 530pm
01/14/21 Pine Ridge Cancelled 530pm
01/19/21 Mid-Carolina Practice Only 530pm
01/21/21 Dutch Fork Cougars-Boys  530pm
01/25/21 Irmo Cougars- Boys 530pm
01/28/21 Newberry Lady Cougars- Girls 530pm
02/01/21 Busbee Cougars- Boys 530pm
02/04/21 Busbee Cancelled 530pm
02/08/21 1st Round Playoff Game    
02/11/21 2nd Round Playoff Game     
02/13/21 Conference Championship    


2020-2021 Northside Cheerleaders 

Taylor Summers
Nataly Chaver
Guicelle Zamorano Matias
Pachae Butler
Dulce Martinez
Aislynn Santos Saligan
Zarrea Simpkins
Lillian Wadlington
Ashlyn Wadlington
Lezlie Williamson
Shelby Williamson





Please make sure that all athletic fees have been paid to Northside Middle School.  
$50.00 Athletic Fee for 2020-2021school year

Venue Expectations to Mitigate COVID-19

  1.  Due to capacity constraints, we are only allowed to have two visitors per player for home and away games this season.  
  2. All visitors enter at their own risk.
  3. All spectators will maintain proper social distancing of at least six (6) feet (unless you live in the same household).
  4. All spectators must wear a face mask at all times.
  5. Heed the instruction of any venue staff. Their job is to keep everyone as safe as possible. 
  6. The requirement to maintain social distancing will limit   

      the number of spectators at this venue.

7. If you are older than 65 and or have any underlying     health conditions you may want to refrain from entering this venue.
8. Venue staff reserve the right to ask spectators to leave  the arena if social distance or mask requirements are not being met. 

The above expectations are put in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and follow the guidelines of the CDC and DHEC. While we are doing everything we possibly can to help keep people safe, attendance at large gatherings come with some risk of spread.