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Teaching Philosophy


            Working in Lexington School District 2 for the past five years has truly shaped me into the teacher that I am today. My teaching philosophy has been tested, as well as vetted, over the course of teaching professionally for six years. My goal when I entered education was to work in a collegiate atmosphere inspiring readers and writers to find their voice. Working as an English Language Arts teacher for 90+ Standard ELA students for three years, and after earning my Gifted and Talented Endorsement working with both Standard and Honors English I students, I truly understand the importance of scaffolding and differentiating instruction for rigor and ability within the public education system. Whether I am teaching Standard or Honors students, my expectations surpass the baseline requirements, as I want all of my students to reach their maximum potential through perseverance and harnessing a true work ethic of integrity.

As an educator of 110 ninth graders for a College Prep English classroom at Spartanburg High School, my ninth graders showed me a vast distinction between the collegiate world of academia that my expertise truly resides, to that of a classroom where apathy tends to be more common than pencil and paper. My philosophy has had its foundation on true hope and inspiration since day one. Fostering relationships with every individual that enters my classroom has been the best step in the right direction of collaborative and effective teaching. Students truly believe that the Standard or Honors distinction is a way to just coast through an English curriculum. However, my pedagogy has always valued true expectations that are streamlined in a manner where the students can deliver true intellectual growth. Critical literacy is a major backbone of my philosophy of teaching, as I want my students to look for their questions. These students will be able to critically think and have an ability to write well through looking beyond the surface level of a text or writing prompt.

            Having a B.A. in English and M.A.T. in Secondary & Middle level Education in English, I believe that my passion for the content and love of the writing process is evident throughout my classes  whether that be through project based learning or Socratic Seminars. Students work best through interaction and I truly believe in discussion oriented interpretations. If a student can interpret orally then he or she can do so on paper.