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2021 Testing Information

Information for ALL Parents and Students (In Person AND Virtual Academy)
Students in grades 6-8 will take SCREADY, which are standardized state tests, in ELA and Math. Students in 6th grade only will take SCPASS Science. Those 8th graders in Algebra I will also take the EOCEP, which counts as 10% of their final grade. All students who attend Northside Middle School- in person students as well as Virtual Academy students - will follow the same calendar for end-of-year testing (SCREADY, SCPASS, Algebra I EOC). 
On testing days, students need to bring a charged Chromebook. Please make sure your child comes to school well-rested and ready to focus on testing. Students should not bring blankets, pillows or stuffed animals. Regular dress code applies during testing. While students may opt to bring an individual snack for testing days, food may not be consumed or opened in a classroom when others are testing. Students are not allowed to have phones, Apple watches, AirPods or other electronic devices on their person during testing. These should be left at home or stored with the teacher during testing.
Information for Virtual Academy Students and Parents ONLY
Virtual Academy students should arrive on campus for testing at Northside on the days designated in the calendar above. Breakfast is available on testing days from 7:30-8:10 am in the school cafeteria. Lunch will be provided for students upon completion of testing for the day. Breakfast and lunch are both free of charge for students.  Students are encouraged to bring a filled water bottle with no writing on it. If you have not already, please complete this form indicating whether your child will be present for testing and if meals are needed.
Students must wear masks completely covering the nose/mouth area at all times while inside Lex 2 buildings, including during state testing, unless a parent completes and returns DHEC's "Consent Form to Opt Out of Face Mask Requirement," which can be accessed here. Parents note will not be accepted in lieu of the required DHEC form.
Virtual Academy Car Riders
Virtual Academy students being brought to school can arrive as early as 7:15 am and should arrive no later than 8:30 am. Virtual Academy students should be picked up at 11:00 am, though this time could change slightly since these tests are not timed. Parents/guardians do not need to sign-in or sign-out their children UNLESS they arrive late for pick-up (after 11:30 am). Students will be directed to a classroom or other waiting area inside the building once they arrive. Locations for student drop-off and pick-up:
  • Drop-Off (before 8:15 am) - car rider line, which is located on the side of the school facing Riverbank Elementary, with student entry through the glass doors at the front of the car line
  • Drop-Off (8:15-8:30 am) - bus loop in the front of the school, with student entry through the glass doors to the Main Office
  • Pick-Up (11:00-11:30 am) - car rider line, which is located on the side of the school facing Riverbank Elementary, with student exit through the glass doors at the front of the line
  • Pick-Up (after 11:30 am) - Main Office, which can be accessed through the glass doors at the front of the school
Virtual Academy Bus Riders
The deadline to register for Bus Transport was May 14. Students who requested bus transportation will ride bus routes with in person students. Bus stop pick-up/drop-off times will be provided by the Transportation Office. Students who registered to ride the bus home will remain at school after testing until the regular dismissal time (3:00 pm). These students will attend their classes virtually starting at 1:00 pm and should bring headphones for after testing. If you have questions about bus transportation, please contact Dr. Burggraaf (