Northside makes strong gains on state report cards

WEST COLUMBIA, SC -- Northside Middle showed gains in several key achievement indicators in the recent release of the state’s 2019 report cards.  Schools are rated annually in a number of areas, with a top rating of Excellent, followed by Good, Average, Below Average and Unsatisfactory.

Among the gains:

  • Northside nearly doubled its Overall score, to 47 out of 100, raising its rating two spots -- to meet state expectations at Average -- and just on the cusp of a Good rating. 
  • Northside raised its Academic Achievement rating to 12.88 out of 35 to maintain its rating of Average. 
  • Northside scored nine times higher in Student Progress, posting 18.53 out of 35 for a rating of Average. 
  • Northside’s Student Engagement score is 3 times higher in this year’s report cards, with a 9 out of 10 and a rating jump of three spots, to Excellent.

Principal Mary Paige Damm and some of her teachers share observations here about recent report card results.

Q: What are some initiatives you’ve launched at Northside aimed at achievement that you believe contributed to this success?

“I continue to focus on the individual needs of each student in ELA and math.”

“Common planning that allows collaboration as a grade level as well as between content partner(s).”

“New Beta Club, extended ILT time, frequency of observations and feedback.”

Q: What do you think were the keys to success in so many areas in this round of state report cards? 

“Student Progress gains are attributed to our Student Engagement in the classrooms. 

Our dedication and commitment to engage all students using technology, hands-on learning, cooperative learning, and additional strategies to maintain motivation in the learning process. 

“We, as a staff, want our students to become life-long learners and to be successful in life, so as educators we need to motivate and engage our students in the learning process now.”

“I think one reason for our success is the sense of community and collegiality among our teachers. It’s critical that teachers work together to support students.  We have built a strong, committed team here and we are very proud of that. Pride in the work breeds best effort from teachers and students.”

“We hire exceptionally talented teachers who care about children!  This teaching staff simply refused to be labeled Unsatisfactory.”