Hi!!  I'm Kelly Fail.
This is my 19th year in Lexington 2 and my 13th year as
Northside's Career Specialist!! 
I am here to help your child begin to learn and explore career options based on their likes and interests.



Career Exploration is the process of...

  •        learning about yourself and the world of work
  •        identifying and exploring potentially satisfying occupations
  •        developing an effective strategy to realize your goals


Why do I need to explore careers now??
I'm only in middle school!!


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The SC Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA) of 2005 was designed to give South Carolina students the educational tools they need to build prosperous, successful futures. 

The implementation of this law created a new vision for how students would plan for their futures.  The concept of planning ahead is at the core of the EEDA legislation.  The goal is to connect academic studies with the world of work.  Career goals of middle school students tend to be more realistic than those of elementary students and begin to reflect values and skills as well as interests.  The expected outcome is for students to transition smoothly from middle school to high school and then to post-secondary education and/or the workplace.