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Chromebook information

Chromebook FAQ & Tips
  • Students are not allowed to change their Chromebook case, put stickers on their case, or draw on their case.
  • Students must bring their Chromebook to school every day and have it charged to at least 80% during homeroom.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to charge their Chromebooks every night at home and not bring their chargers to school. 
    • Insurance does not cover lost or stolen chargers.
    • A replacement charger costs $24.
  • Students ask their teacher to email the media specialist at [email protected] if they forget the password to their Chromebook. 
  • Chromebooks issued by Northside are the property of Lexington School District 2 and are monitored.
    • Students will download apps through the Self-Service app and do not have access to the Play Store.
  • Students MUST NOT get their Chromebooks repaired on their own. This is completely unauthorized and will void the warranty.  
    • You will owe the full cost of the Chromebook if you get repairs on your own.
  • Students should not record/take pictures of teachers and/or other students without their permission. 
  • Cyberbullying will not be tolerated. Chromebooks are to be used for educational purposes. 
Chromebook Replacement Costs:
These prices will be used for the 2023-2024 school year and beyond until otherwise indicated:
Chromebook  Repair Information:
With Protection Plan:
• 1st incident = $25 deductible
• 2nd incident = $50 deductible
• 3rd incident = $100 deductible

o Deductible count starts over each academic year of coverage
o Intentional damage not covered
o Loss/Theft not covered

Without Protection Plan:
• Cracked Screen = $100
• Bent Frame = $100
• Totaled/Lost = $340
• Damaged/missing case = $24
The cost for the replacement of lost items is:
--Lost Chromebook: $340 
--Chromebook Case: $24
--Chromebook Charging Cord: $24
All students will be issued a Chromebook free of charge.  We strongly encourage purchasing the device insurance to cover any damages that your child's device may incur.  Students will be allowed to have only one outstanding balance for a repair on their account. That is, if your child turns in his or her device for repair, the device will be repaired and the chromebook returned.  Should a second repair become necessary, the cost of the first damage will need to be cleared before the device can be repaired and returned.  Should your child lose the Chromebook or incur severe damage necessitating replacement of the device, that entire cost must be paid before a new additional device will be issued.
Click here for support if you are having any issues with use of your chromebook.
Technology Acceptable Use
Click here to view a copy of the Lexington District Two Middle & High School 1:1 Guide
Click here to view a copy of the Lexington District Two Technology Acceptable Use Policy.