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2020-2021 Cougars Basketball Team  

Coach Thompson (



 Tryouts will begin on November 9th and 10th from 4-5. 

-November 9th, 7th graders will try out from 4-5.


-November 10th, 8th graders will try out from 4-5.


Please have physical and forms signed and ready to be 

turned into Coach Thompson.  


If you make the team, please make sure you pay the Athletic Fee 

to Northside Middle School. 


-We will start practice for Cougar Basketball on November 16th. 



Game Date Team Location  Time
11/30/20 Meadow Glen Scrimmage Meadow Glen 6pm
12/7/20 open    
12/10/20 open    
12/14/20 Pine Ridge Pine Ridge 530pm
12/17/20 Pine Ridge Northside 530pm
12/19/20 White Knoll Middle Tournament  White Knoll Middle 4 pm
12/20/20 White Knoll Middle Tournament  White Knoll Middle  2 pm
12/21/20 White Knoll Middle Tournament  White Knoll Middle  4pm
01/04/21 Chapin Chapin 530pm
01/07/21 Fulmer Northside 530pm
01/11/21 Fulmer Fulmer 530pm
01/14/21 Open    
01/19/21 Mid-Carolina Northside 530pm
01/21/21 Dutch Fork Northside 530pm
01/25/21 Irmo Northside 530pm
01/28/21 Newberry Newberry 530pm
02/01/21 Busbee Northside 530pm
02/04/21 Busbee Busbee 530pm
02/08/21 1st Round Playoff    
02/11/21 2nd Round Playoff    
02/13/21 Conference Championship    
Please make sure that all athletic fees have been paid to Northside Middle School.  
$50.00 Athletic Fee for 2020-2021 school year
All School District Five Tickets can purchased online
Mark Thompson
2020-2021 Boy's Basketball Team
Warren Brown 
Marterius Byrd 
Tyerus Butler 
Owen Jennings Reynolds 
Bryson Gunnells 
Da'Harmon Evans Ruff 
Nickolas George 
Deandre Jones 
William Kestner 
Unish Osbia 
Omarie Burden 
Malik Finch 
Lucas Castles 
Brandon Burgess 
Cole Adams