Media Center

Welcome to Northside Middle School Media Center

Open 7:30 am - 3:45 pm daily
Shelley Breedlove Media Specialist

Please click on the Paw Print in the Symbaloo below  to access our online library catalog.  There you can search for available books.  You can use your computer student login and password to access your media center account, put books on hold, see any overdue books you may have, and check out eBooks. 
Students must have a blue pass from their teacher to visit the media center. An ID is required to check out books. 
If you have misplaced your chromebook, please retrace your steps before coming to the Media Center. If you need further assistance, please ask Ms. Breedlove or the front office.

Welcome to our library!
1st 9 weeks Media Center Report


2nd 9 weeks Media Center Report


If your child loves Diary of a Wimpy Kid...


Chromebook  Repair Information:
With Protection Plan:
• 1st incident = $25 deductible
• 2nd incident = $50 deductible
• 3rd incident = $100 deductible

o Deductible count starts over each academic year of coverage
o Intentional damage not covered
o Loss/Theft not covered

Without Protection Plan:
• Cracked Screen = $100
• Bent Frame = $100
• Totaled/Lost = $340 (Chromebook and case)
• Damaged/missing case = $40
All students will be issued a Chromebook free of charge. 
We strongly encourage purchasing the device insurance to cover any damages that your child's device may incur. 
Students will be allowed to have only one outstanding balance for a repair on their account. That is, if your child turns in his or her device for repair, the device will be repaired and the chromebook returned.
Should a second repair become necessary, the cost of the first damage will need to be cleared before the device can be repaired and returned again. 
Should your child lose the chromebook or incur severe damage necessitating replacement of the device, that entire cost must be paid before a new additional device will be issued.